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I get asked a lot–what made you open a cupcake truck?

I usually reply–I lost my job in publishing. Which is true. And I love baking.

But more than that I was at a point in my life that I also wanted to create a business that cared about stuff. People. Ingredients. The environment. I wanted to connect with people instead of sitting in an office behind a desk. And so I set about figuring out how I would possibly incorporate all of those things into a career. I kept thinking about opening a business doing something you like. Ok. Baking and eating dessert. All right, now we’re getting somewhere. I would bake a quality product, something I was looking for. A treat less sweet using locally sourced and organic ingredients.

And then reality set in when I realized I wouldn’t be able to open a cafe or a bakery. What was I thinking? I was unemployed. That, my friends, was my ah ha moment. Food truck. So popular in other cities in the US. I had this vision of traveling to a different part of the city providing this treat once a week–perfect! And people would smile, I so wanted to see people be happy. (Remember, my previous industry of publishing was caving in–not a happy place.) And so The Cupcakory was born.

And you know what? I see people smile every day I’m out vending.

SoWa Open Studios this Sunday

and we’ll be there. If you haven’t decided what to do this Sunday, check out SoWa—it’s worth driving or walking or taking the T into town for. There’s so much going on from the farmer’s market, craft vendors, antique vendors, and then there’s the food trucks. Yup. Food trucks again. But this Sunday is extra-special at SoWa when the artists in the buildings surrounding the market open up their doors and let you in to see what their working on. I’m looking forward to it!

Hyde Park Food Truck Festival: Readvillefest

Readvillefest is on for this Sunday. Yes, I did say Readville. For those of you who don’t know where Readville is, it’s in Hyde Park, and if you don’t know where Hyde Park is, it’s a neighborhood of Boston. The festival runs from 11-3 and we’re very excited to join other trucks and small businesses in one of Boston’s first food truck festivals right in Hyde Park! Parked alongside us will be Staff Meal, Mobile Home, Grilled Cheese Nation, and Captain’s Coffee Brewers offering up quite the variety for every taste from bacon wrapped meatloaf, BBQ chicken sandwiches, steak bomb, foie gras bakalavah, vermont cheddar grilled cheese, brie and pear grilled cheese, espresso, freshly roasted and brewed (yes, people, freshly roasted and brewed) iced and hot coffee  to, ahem, salted caramel on chocolate and double vanilla cupcakes. This is only a sampling of our menus, you’ll have to come out and see us to find out what else we’ll be cooking up for you.

Why a festival in Readville? Four fitness centers based on 63 Sprague Street got together and decided to open up their parking lot to food trucks to join them in a festival of food, fitness, fun, and music. Each center will have activities to keep you all entertained. Jason Zagami of Solid Body Fitness, the organizer of this event, will be making your body solid and giving stuff away, Roderick Gymnastics will be keeping your children happy and entertained with an obstacle course, open gym time, gymnastics demonstration, Sky Zone has trampolines—need I say more?, and Rock Spot climbing will be offering, well, rock climbing. And to top it all off there will be music.

Can’t wait to see you all there! For more information: