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Let’s Talk About Ingredients

If you’ve been to the truck in the past, especially last year, you may have seen the “So What’s In Your Cupcake?” statement taped on the outside near the display window. Under that title was listed what ingredients  are organic and which ones are local. Right now we’re using organic pumpkin in the pumpkin spice cake and local Cortland apples in our apple crumble cake. You won’t find that listed on the statement because there wouldn’t be room to put every cupcake’s ingredients—especially since they change with the seasons—and you would, no doubt, lose interest after the first 4 paragraphs so we’ve kept the statement general and quick to read: unbleached flour, local organic eggs, local milk, etc.

The statement was left up one too many times by mistake and once flew off as we drove away, another time or two it got rained on. I got tired of reprinting and felt you all knew about our ingredient choices and what was in your cupcakes (and, just as important, what was not in your cupcakes).

Since we’ve got some new locations and some of you don’t know us, I’m putting the statement back up—this time laminated!