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Crazy busy week ahead

Where to find us this week:

Tuesday in Financial at Milk & Kilby Streets 11:30-3 and don’t forget to put your name in for a free dozen, tomorrow’s the last day we’ll have our “cupcake give-away jar” out and we’ll be drawing a name on Friday. We’ll coordinator with the winner for best pick-up time/location and flavor choices.

We’ve got a private event on Wednesday so we won’t be at Stuart St.

Private event on Thursday

Friday we’re at Dewey Square (near South Station) 11-6

Saturday we’re at the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market at the Blue Hills Bank parking lot, 1196 River St, 2-5

Sunday we’re at SoWa Open Market 10-5

Want to come bake with us?

We’re looking for a part-time lead baker to join our very small team. Ideally you should have at least 1 year’s commercial kitchen, bakery, or restaurant experience. Having a ServSafe Certificate would be great but not absolutely necessary.

We work in a fast-paced shared commercial kitchen so focus, multi-tasking, working within a cooperative environment, comfortable making quick decisions, and most importantly ability to bake and be creative are important.

We’re all about quality and taking pride in creating a great product that uses less sugar and more natural ingredients, including vegan and gluten-free products. The position could include truck retail shifts if you have a license and good driving record–if that interests you–if not, that’s ok.

If you want to come work with us, send a brief explanation about why you’re interested with your resume to heybaker@cupcakory (dot) com.

We’ve been nominated for Best Food Truck on Boston A List again this year!

Wanna vote for us? Click the link below. Oh, and voting ends this Friday–only 3 more days. Thanks!

What’s in season now?

Blueberries and zucchini–they’ll be showing up on the menu in some kind of delicious treat form.

This week you can find us out tomorrow (Tuesday July 24th) in the Financial District, Wednesday (July 25th) on Stuart St., Friday (July 27th) on Clarendon St., and all day Saturday (July 28th) on the Greenway at the Open Market at Milk/India Streets. Happy Monday everyone!

This week’s schedule is too hot, hot, hot

I’m gonna say it–it’s just too bleepin’ hot for us to be out in over 90 degree temps. So, we’ve “gone fishin’” for a few days and we’ll be back out on the Greenway at Dewey Square on Friday 11-6, at the somewhat new Farmer’s Market in my own hood, Hyde Park on Saturday 2-5, and SoWa on Sunday 10-4.

For other locations and to see where we will be in a monthly format, check out our new calendar page.

And, yes, Hyde Park has a farmer’s market. And it’s not just a farmer’s market, it’s also a CSA pick-up, but you can come and just buy a single veggie if that’s all you want, too. The market is located at the Blue Hills Bank, 1196 River St. If you’re coming down from Hyde Park Ave, just bang a right at the big clock. The market runs from 2-5 pm.

For any businesses wanting a work place visit from us, email your requests–we’re available on Thursdays–but if there’s another day you’re interested in, just ask.

Vegan and gluten-free options

Last Friday at Dewey Square I ran out of both our vegan and gluten-free options fairly early. Yay for me because I sold them all, bummer for those of you who wanted them. The same thing also happened two weeks ago at the Saturday Greenway Market, but fear not, I will have both options available the entire week and plan on having more for the Greenway Saturday Market.

Also, don’t know if you noticed but I have a new Calendar page set up that you’re automatically directed to when you log on to the web site. It’s come to my attention that because we move around so much it’s difficult for people to keep track of where we are. Me too! Some days I start driving and have to think about where I’m going. Thankfully, I have never driven to the wrong location.

See ya at the curb.

Schedule for this week: Tuesday, July 10th–Saturday, July 14th

Tuesday: in the Financial District at Milk & Kilby, 11:30-3
Wednesday: in Back Bay at Stuart St & Trinity Place, 11:30-3
Thursday: private event
Friday: in Copley Square at 220 Clarendon St (corner of Boylston), 11:30-3:00 pm
Saturday: on the Greenway at the Open Market at Milk or India Streets (just up from South Station past Dewey Square) 10-5

Schedule for Fourth of July week: Tuesday, July 3rd-Sunday, July 8th

Tuesday: in the Financial District at Milk & Kilby, 11:30-3
Wednesday: Happy Fourth of July–we’re taking the day off
Thursday: and we’re taking this day off
Friday: new guest location at Dewey Square, 11:00-6:00 pm
Sunday: at SoWa Open Market in the South End at 500 Harrison Ave., 10-4