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Last week in August already?!

Can’t believe it’s the last week in August already! Time to start thinking about our Fall menu. And I gotta admit, I can’t wait for cooler weather.

This week’s schedule (August 27th-September 2nd):

Tuesday–private event, we will not be at our Milk St location
Wednesday–private event, we will not be at our Stuart St location
Thursday–NEW LOCATION! Pearl & Federal St in the Financial District 11:30-3
Friday–Dewey Square on the Rose Kennedy Greenway (near South Station) 11-6
Saturday–Hyde Park Farmer’s Market, Blue Hills Bank parking lot
Sunday–SoWa in the south end 10-4

We’re switching our work day visits to Tuesday and Wednesdays for September, email your requests. We love to visit you at work!

New additional Financial District location starting this Thursday! And schedule changes for September.

You can now find us in a new location in the Financial District at Franklin & Pearl Streets starting this Thursday from 11:30-3 pm. This is an additional location for us, we are keeping our Tuesday Financial location at Milk & Kilby Streets.

Tuesday at Milk & Kilby 11:30-3pm.

Wednesday we’re at Stuart St 11:30-3pm.

Friday we’re at Clarendon Street for what will be the last time vending there–we’re moving over to Dewey Square on Fridays starting in September. We’ll very much miss our Clarendon St regulars and hope you will walk the extra block to find us at Stuart St on Wednesdays.

Saturday we’re at the Greenway Open Market 11-5.

And Sunday, a day off?! Yeeeessss!

Gearing up for another busy week!

Trucks down everywhere. And you all thought it was fun and easy running a food truck! Last week Boston saw quite a few food trucks off the road for various reasons including ourselves with regular truck stuff. We needed a muffler fix and like everything, sometimes it goes well and sometimes the unexpected happens, which was what Mick the mechanic discovered. We’re all set now and she’s purring like a kitten or maybe a mountain lion.

Anyway we’ll be back on the street this week at Financial (Milk & Kilby) Tuesday 11:30-3 with our friends Go Fish (if they’re back on the road) who coincidentally got a flat tire last Tuesday–same day we did! Seriously, is someone sabotaging Boston’s food trucks?

Wednesday we’re at Stuart St in Back Bay 11:30-3.
Thursday we’re making a work place visit.
Friday we’re at Dewey Square 11-6.
Saturday we’re at the Greenway Open Market at India St. 11-5.
Sunday we’re at SoWa 10-4.

Whew. If you see me on Sunday and I look tired, please bring coffee. Hot, with milk, no sugar. Free cupcake in exchange.

Employee Appreciation Visits a Big Hit!

Thanks to all the companies who’ve asked us to come visit their workplaces over the last months. Some of these events we do with other trucks which is always a lot of fun for us–it gives us a chance to hang with our buddies. Most of the time we’re on our own handing out cupcakes as a very thoughtful expression of thanks from an employer to their employees. It’s happiness all around: you’re happy, we’re happy, and most importantly, your employees are super happy that you’ve shown your appreciation for all their hard work!

We’ve been to small and large companies–our only minimum requirement is at least 120 cupcakes and no maximum. There’s only a few Thursdays in August still open for visits so if you want in, send an email or fill out the event request form. If Thursday doesn’t work just ask for another day, we’re happy to try to make a visit work. We’re mobile and we love to come to you.

For the summer seasonals we’re currently doing a blueberry lemon cake bursting with fresh blueberries topped with a lemon buttercream, chocolate walnut zucchini cake topped in vanilla buttercream, and experimenting with peaches this week. Salted caramel on chocolate has no season and is always popular. Check out the menu page for our other flavors. We usually bring up to 6 choices with us and can provide gluten-free and vegan options if requested. Now is your chance to treat yourself and your staff!

Please remember we can only travel as far out as the 128-belt.